About San Diego

San Diego is “America’s Finest City” for a host of very good reasons.


The Economy: A wide diversity in employment opportunities

Once known as a “Navy town,” San Diego is now home to numerous Coast Guard and Marine installments, as well as the Navy. Adding the direct military employment and related civilian support services, about one-fourth of total employment is due directly to the military.

This military presence creates a demand for educated civilians in support positions throughout our economy. It also creates a demand for research and production in high tech communications, aerospace, electronics, aircraft, and ship-building industries.

Science demands a spot on center stage

San Diego is home to dozens of scientific research centers. Here some of the brightest minds in America come together to find cures for disease, create new surgical equipment and techniques, delve into the mysteries of the mind to find solutions for mental illness, and explore our connections to nature..

One of the largest biotech centers in the U.S., San Diego is seeing continual expansion – an expansion which led to a building boom in 2012. By mid-year, at least 9 major projects were under some stage of construction, from planning to completion.

In March 2014 the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) celebrated the completion of the new $113 million Health Sciences Biomedical Research Facility. This facility is expected to become the highest performing laboratory facility in the U.S. This 196,000-square-foot building is aiming to achieve LEED Platinum certification.

In January 2013 ground was broken on the Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute building. This facility, in which the focus will be on finding new cures, opened in 2016.

San Diego Colleges offer higher education for every career path

Students who aspire to someday take their places in these technology, science, and medical centers need look no farther than their own back yard for education, because…

San Diego boasts 36 colleges, the largest of which are San Diego State University, The University of California-San Diego, National University and San Diego Mesa College.

No matter what career path you choose, and whether you want to earn a degree or take a class for your own enjoyment, you can do it here.

Shipping, boat-building, and fishing: San Diego was originally chosen as a Naval base because San Diego Bay’s extensive shelter from ocean waves makes it one of the finest natural harbors in the world. It’s not surprising then, that we are a hub for international shipping and home to a large commercial fishing fleet.

Manufacturing, including ship building, is the 3rd largest industry in San Diego County.

Agriculture: Although not what most people think of when they hear the name “San Diego,” agriculture is San Diego County’s 4th-largest industry. San Diego County ranks #1 in the nation for the number of small family farms (6,565) and is the #1 county in the nation for value of floricultural, nursery, greenhouse and sod products, and for the production of avocados and mushrooms.

Population support industries: San Diego is the second-largest city in California and the 8th largest in the nation. Our 1.3 million residents create a demand for workers across the entire spectrum of possible jobs and occupations.

Hospitality and tourism – the second cornerstone in San Diego’s economy

The military bases, our climate and location, plus numerous and diverse attractions make San Diego a favorite destination for vacationers. The hospitality and tourism industries not only offer employment ranging from entry level to upper management, they afford us with a most enviable lifestyle.

Tourists aren’t the only ones having fun in San Diego – our residents’ leisure-time activities are also unlimited.

This may be why San Diego was named one of the Twenty Best Cities for Twentysomethings, as well as #3 in the list of Real Age‘s 10 cities that ranked top in helping residents stay young.

In yet another survey, Businessweek and Bloomberg ranked San Diego #9 on their “Best United States cities to live in.”

What do we do for fun in San Diego?

In addition to the 70 miles of beaches that draw swimmers, surfers, divers, boaters, and sunbathers, we enjoy:

  • The mountains – skiing and snowboarding only 3 hours away
  • The desert – biking and 4-wheeling only 2 hours away
  • Open spaces – for hiking, nature walks, and just “getting away from it all”
  • Football and baseball – Qualcomm Stadium and Petco Park – and the San Diego Chargers and Padres
  • Family attractions – including world-famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, Sea World, Mission Bay Park, and LEGOLAND
  • Museums – 15 in Balboa Park alone!
  • 92 Golf Courses – some of them lighted for night play
  • Theaters – including the Tony Award-winning Globe theaters
  • Shopping – from mass-marketers to exclusive boutiques
  • Dining out – from fast food, to family dining, to ethnic cuisine, to great steak houses and 4-Star Restaurants, you’ll find it all here in San Diego
  • Night life – with something for every taste

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