Are the Banks Negligent, Indifferent, or Inefficient?

Whatever they are, their actions all too often spell financial loss for San Diego homeowners.

Here are 3 ways that loan servicers and asset managers are keeping some San Diego homeowners in distress.

1. Asset managers routinely delay their response to short sale requests.

Most San Diego home buyers want a “yes or no” answer within a few days of making an offer to purchase, but when they attempt to purchase a home in short sale status, they’re forced to wait. In fact, agents report waiting 6 months or even more just to get a yes or no.

The result: Many homeowners go into foreclosure while a ready, willing and able buyer stands ready to purchase.

The second result: Buyers withdraw their offers when their patience runs out. They made the offer because they wanted a home – so they move on and choose one that’s readily available. We can hardly blame them for that.

Those who are willing to wait for an extended period of time expect a bargain in return for their patience, and we can’t fault them for that, either.

This delay in responding to short sale requests causes many San Diego buyers’ agents to avoid showing short sales. It’s much easier to get an answer after a home becomes a bank-owned foreclosure.

Why do loan servicers delay response? Is it inefficiency, negligence, or indifference?

If banks wanted to protect their investors and help the real estate market rebound, they would make the short sale approval process as fast as possible. And they could. They could, but so far all they do is talk about it.

They could begin the property valuation process just as soon as they get the short sale request. They could also inject some common sense. After handling dozens of foreclosures and short sales in a given area, they should know market values. If homeowners knew the bank’s “bottom line” they wouldn’t waste time considering offers that were sure to be rejected.

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2. Banks routinely reject loan modifications that would prevent foreclosures and preserve neighborhood values.

While a few homeowners have been granted loan modifications, more have been refused. You’ll find no shortage of stories about homeowners who spent months submitting paperwork before being denied. Others have been granted trial modifications and faithfully made payments, then been denied.

And the guidelines are both unclear and conflicting. One representative tells the homeowner they must be in arrears to be considered – another tells them they must not be in arrears.

Many who “do not qualify” are wondering why. One woman I spoke with said “We’ve been managing not to get behind with our payments at $1,700 per month. But the bank says they’re denying our modification because we can’t afford $1,100 per month. Does this make sense?”

The result: Homes in foreclosure that could have been saved and neighborhood values dropping because of the presence of vacant homes.

Is it deliberate negligence, indifference, or inefficiency?

4. Banks that repossess San Diego homes simply don’t get them on the market in a timely fashion, and don’t maintain those homes while they stand vacant. And as we all know, vacant homes or poorly maintained homes bring down neighborhood values even as they erode the value of the house in question.

Is this because they simply have too many homes to deal with? Is it an intentional delay because they don’t want to flood the market with repossessed homes? Or is it because they have failed to develop efficient ways to streamline their processes?

Whatever the reason, entire neighborhoods have been damaged by the banks’ failure to act in a timely manner.

The good news for San Diego homeowners and short sale buyers is that we have developed systems and relationships with loan servicers that get our short sale requests pushed to the “front of the line.”

We can generally get an answer within 60 days or less, and because we know how to present our short sale requests and negotiate with the banks, that answer is usually “yes.” In fact, we have a track record of 98% success in closing our short sales.

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