Bank Says “Too bad” about failed Loan Modifications

In an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, writer Chris Serres blasted the banks for luring people into believing they’ll get help, when help is far from what they’ll get.

Here are excerpts from that article: 

”A spokesman for J.P. Morgan Chase said the risks are disclosed to homeowners. Under the trial modification signed by homeowners, J.P. Morgan reserves the right to terminate the plan at any point and begin foreclosure. The bank also reserves the right to determine the final amounts of unpaid interest and any other delinquent amounts.”

“We work with customers to try to keep them in the home whenever possible,” said Thomas Kelly, a bank spokesman. “And the HAMP documents clearly explain the steps along the way.”

In other words, the banks are saying that homeowners “know the risks,” so if they’re deep in debt and lose their homes after a loan modification fails, its their own fault.

The lesson: Before you sign anything, read each document carefully. If the paperwork contains even one sentence that you don’t understand, have a qualified real estate attorney review the paperwork before you sign.

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