Are you considering an investment in U.S. real estate?

Consider San Diego.

San Diego offers her residents and visitors near-perfect year-round weather, but that’s just the beginning…

San Diego offers unlimited leisure time activities – whether your preference is for city life or outdoor adventures. And… “America’s Finest City” is home to 36 colleges, the largest of which are San Diego State University, The University of California-San Diego, National University and San Diego Mesa College.

Not surprisingly, investors from around the world are choosing San Diego, California for their global real estate investments. And they’re choosing us to guide their search.

Whether your goals are purely financial, or financial mixed with lifestyle, San Diego has what you seek.

Financially, three factors have converged to position San Diego as the place to invest in U. S. real estate right now:

  • Prices are moving upward
  • Widespread foreclosures during the economic crash created a huge pool of tenants
  • San Diego, a coastal city, has a fixed supply of homes

Between May and June of 2005, San Diego housing inventory doubled, and San Diego led the California price decline. The glut of inventory caused median home prices to drop from a high of $645,000 in April 2006 to a low of $322,500 by December 2011.

However, those prices are now rising. By December 2016 the median selling price for single family detached homes had risen to $624,000 and the median price for condominiums and townhomes was nearly $414,000.

The thousands of citizens who lost their homes to short sale or foreclosure still need to live somewhere. And, because of our broad-based economy, perfect weather, and lifestyle opportunities, they’re staying in the area.

Instead of leaving, they’re filling San Diego multi-family properties and single family rentals.

The Housing Shortage:
Gary London, writing in the San Diego Business Journal, predicted a shortage of 40,000 to 45,000 housing units in San Diego County over the next decade. This prediction is based on historically low levels of new construction and new construction permits in process.

This shortage already exists in low and mid-range housing, indicating that San Diego investment properties will be fully rented, and that supply and demand will drive home prices upward.

For those wishing to invest in U.S. real estate, this is a signal that the time is right to buy in San Diego.

Add lifestyle to the financial opportunity, and San Diego becomes the favored choice for foreign investment in U.S. real estate.

For many, these U.S. homes serve a dual purpose. They provide a vacation home for their International owners, and a source of rental income when they don’t plan to be in residence.

If you’re a non-resident investor and want to vacation, go to school, or retire near your U.S. investments, you want an exceptional place to live – and San Diego is exceptional.

Real Estate investors from abroad also choose San Diego for the joy of it.

Real estate investors from around the globe choose San Diego for the enviable climate and the abundance of leisure time opportunities. From formal to casual – from the city to the beach, desert, or mountains – from man-made attractions to wild nature, it’s all here.

Whatever your taste, when you reside in San Diego, you’ll find your pleasure within minutes of home. And… our mild weather means you can enjoy these opportunities year-round.

Educational opportunities:
The desire for a U.S. education may be one of the driving forces behind non-domestic investment in the U.S. The EB5 Investment Visa offers the opportunity for investors and their families to be approved for a conditional residency permit and to gain citizenship in just two years. Thus, investment in the United States provides an excellent opportunity to work, go to school, or retire in the United States.

San Diego’s 36 colleges offer a vast array of educational opportunities. So if you or your children wish to study in the U.S., your investment in San Diego real estate means access to the educational curriculum of your choice.

New to Investment in U.S. Real Estate?

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting started, you may not be familiar with the terms that U.S. banks and investors use to evaluate a real estate investment.

Visit our Real Estate Investment Terminology page to learn the most common terms used in U.S. real estate investment.

Want to calculate returns quickly and easily?

Use our residential real estate investment calculator.

International investors do need an experienced guide, and Tom Dunlap is the wise choice

Wise investors choose Tom Dunlap for his market knowledge, professional experience, and dedication to client service.

A long time San Diego resident, Tom makes it his business to know what every segment of the San Diego area real estate market is doing at all times. When you tell him your wants and needs, he’ll guide you straight to properties that meet your criteria.

Tom’s passion for San Diego real estate is apparent to all who meet him, but few realize that his passion lured him away from a successful career as a litigation attorney. So while he doesn’t give legal advice to clients, his legal education, knowledge, and experience are definite assets to foreign investors as they seek to understand the regulations surrounding U.S. real estate investment.

Then there are his negotiation skills. In addition to his Law Degree from the University of Texas Law School, he holds a Master’s Degree in Negotiation from the University of San Diego School of Law. No wonder his clients enjoy beneficial terms in their San Diego real estate transactions!

When it comes to global investment in U.S. real estate, there’s no better place than San Diego, California – and no better agent to guide you than Tom Dunlap.

You can reach Tom by writing or by calling 619-929-1413.