Investor Buyer

Which Kind of San Diego Investor Buyer are You?

Are you looking for San Diego houses to “fix and flip?” or are you looking for houses with good rental income potential?

Either way, we understand that your criteria are a bit different from that of a buyer who is looking for a home.

We’re here to help you find those houses that fit your investment objectives.

Is now a good time to invest in San Diego residential real estate?

We believe it is. Not only do we have an influx of new residents, we have hundreds of former homeowners who lost their homes to foreclosure or were forced to short sell when their mortgage interest reset. These residents are not leaving San Diego. Instead, they’re creating an ever increasing demand for clean, comfortable rental properties.

We’re not alone in our belief in the San Diego real estate market. While many areas of the country are still suffering, San Diego is on the upswing. Prices are steadily rising, while the inventory of available homes is extremely low.

Why are people staying? Why are people arriving? Because San Diego is a good place to live.

Businessweek and Bloomberg placed San Diego at #9 in the list of “United States Best Cities,” and we placed high on the list of best places to live for Twentysomethings, the best places to live to stay young, and “America’s Coolest Cities.” We also took high ranking in California’s best cities to raise a family.

And we residents agree. San Diego is a great place to live.

Read our market update to learn more about why we believe now is the perfect time to invest in San Diego residential real estate.

New to San Diego residential investment?

Real estate investment has it’s own set of terms that investors use to gauge the value of an investment. Learn those terms at our “Real Estate Investment Terminology” page.

Not sure how to calculate returns?

With our residential real estate investment calculator, it’s simple. Just enter the pertinent information and click “analyze now.”

In the San Diego area, you can count on us to help you find the investment properties you seek.

We serve buyers and sellers over the Greater San Diego area – including Carlsbad, Coronado, La Jolla, Rancho Bernardo, North County, Del Mar, Mission Hills, Kensington, Metro San Diego, and downtown San Diego.

So when you’re ready to find your next San Diego investment real estate, get in touch. Whether you’re looking for “fixer” properties or “rent-ready” homes, we understand what you’re searching for and we’ll guide you to the best bargains available.

You can reach us by writing or calling 619-929-1413.