Short Sales

Hardship is both unpredictable and worrisome.

It’s not easy to get up every day wondering when/whether you will be able to keep paying the mortgage – or whether it just doesn’t make sense to keep throwing money at a mortgage balance that’s higher than the value of your house.

You wonder… can they come get me? Can I stick it out? Will I ever be able to buy again? Do I even care about buying again?

There’s one thing that’s certain: doing nothing and allowing the bank to foreclose is the very worst thing you could do.

The sooner you decide to take action, the sooner you reduce the stress. Whether you are behind on your payments, know it will happen in the future, or simply want to quit depleting your resources on a house with negative equity, the time to act really is now.

In fact, if you’ve gotten behind on payments and want to avoid foreclosure, you really need to act yesterday.

While some banks are behind on their paperwork, your foreclosure could be complete within 6 to 8 months of your first missed payment. Once you’ve received a notice of default, the foreclosure could be complete in a little over 90 days.

A San Diego Short Sale is the safest option

Either a short sale or a foreclosure is hard to take. Both are distressing. However, the benefits of a short sale vs a foreclosure make it clearly worth the effort.

For one thing when you short sale your house rather than allowing it to go into foreclosure, you have some control over the timing. You know ahead of time when you’ll be expected to move out and can make plans. And, depending upon your lender and your loan program, you may even be granted funds for moving.

In addition, if you let your home go into foreclosure, for the rest of your life you’ll have to check “yes” in answer to the loan question: “Have you ever had a house foreclosed upon?”

The greatest dangers and the biggest differences between a foreclosure versus a short sale are twofold.

The first danger comes if you have a non-purchase money second mortgage. If you short sale your California house, that second mortgage will be eliminated. If you go through foreclosure, that second lien holder can sue you for the amount due on their note.

The second danger comes with a rising trend now being labeled the “Zombie Foreclosure.” This can keep you tied to your house – and it’s ongoing tax, utility, and HOA bills – for years.

The only way to KNOW that it’s “over when it’s over” is through a short sale.

But so many short sales fail, is it worth the effort to try?

You’ve probably heard the horror stories. Family or friends may have had such bad experiences that you’re wondering if it’s even worth the effort to attempt the short sale of your home when so many short sales fail.

Yes, it IS worth your effort, because there’s a reason why those short sales failed…

As you no doubt know, a short sale can only happen with the lender’s approval – and getting that approval is far from automatic. It’s even more difficult here in San Diego now that banks are not allowed to sue California homeowners for a deficiency in a short sale. Getting approval requires knowledge, skill, and persistence.

“Both of the sales were short sales and the San Diego Pro Team were superstars. For what could have been a difficult and painful process, they simplified things for me and step-by-step laid out how it would happen and stayed calm and reasonable throughout the process.”


Thus – the reason why so many short sales have failed is that the sellers chose an agent who was inexperienced in handling short sales. They listed with an agent who didn’t know:

  • How to correctly price a short sale
  • How to assist their clients with their short sale hardship letters
  • How to present a short sale package
  • How to negotiate with the bank’s asset managers, and
  • How to correctly follow up to see that their short sale kept moving through the bank’s system.

You can experience a successful San Diego short sale
…when you list with us.

“Tom Dunlap worked with me to arrange the short sale of my home after I reloed for work. I wasn’t able to be in town for much of this time. He did a wonderful job of keeping me in the loop, providing all the necessary docs to my-then mortgage lender, and the sale was completed in a very timely manner. I strongly recommend Tom and his staff. They were great!”

Vickie Hearne

Over the past 10 years,Tom Dunlap has helped hundreds of San Diego homeowners avoid foreclosure and get a fresh start.

He uses a time-tested system, fine-tuned by years of experience in dealing with the banks that hold liens against San Diego homes. As a result, he holds a 98% success rate in closing short sales on his underwater listings.

While you do have some other options, if you want freedom from lingering financial burdens, there is but one solution – a properly managed, successful short sale.

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