Is it possible to just walk away?

Yes, it is possible to walk away. Under California’s new laws, when you go through foreclosure, the banks cannot sue you for a deficiency on your first mortgage. However, if you have a second mortgage or a home equity line of credit, they can. And they probably will.

(One of the benefits of a short sale vs a foreclosure is that when you choose to short sale your San Diego house, none of your mortgage lien holders can sue for deficiency.)

However, even if you don’t have a second mortgage, walking away and allowing your house to go into foreclosure is one of the worst possible choices you could make. It should not be done without careful consideration.

The pitfalls of a San Diego foreclosure…

Foreclosure will severely impact your credit rating for many years to come. This will not just impair your ability to purchase another home, it will affect your ability to rent, to get a job or a promotion, and even to order cellular telephone service or cable television.

In addition, if you’re in a “sensitive” job, it could cause termination.

As for your ability to purchase another home – mortgage loan applications used to ask if you had a foreclosure in the past several years. Now they ask if you have EVER had a foreclosure. If the answer is yes, you’ll have to supply even more information and may well be turned down for that loan.

A further danger is that you could be trapped in a Zombie foreclosure. Should this happen, bills on your foreclosed house will keep mounting, and you could remain liable for several years. Learn more about Zombie foreclosures.

If you do choose to walk away, do NOT pay anyone to help you. Just call the lender and let them know.

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What about the new “Walk away” program from Fannie Mae?

The new program is essentially a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. The only thing new is that Fannie now says they’ll approve the process for homeowners who are not delinquent on payments.

The impact on your credit is still the same as a foreclosure, and it’s still a poor idea for California homeowners. Here’s why.

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