San Diego Short Sale Success is Often Determined by the Initial Application

Almost any conversation about real estate these days includes a story or two about a San Diego short sale that drug out for 6, 8, or 12 months before closing. Some stories are even worse – they tell of short sales that were rejected after the bank sat on the paperwork for up to 6 months.

The stories are true, but it isn’t likely to happen that way if the listing agent has both expertise and experience with San Diego short sales.

Sometimes the bank’s asset managers are simply slow or inefficient, but more often the delays and problems can be traced back to the San Diego homeowner and his or her listing agent.

It’s all a matter of procedure – and submitting the request properly the first time.

If you want to gain the asset manager’s cooperation, you submit everything they want in a package with the initial short sale request. That makes the asset manager’s job easier – and when you make anyone’s job easier, you set yourself up for a good working relationship.

If you fail to submit the required paperwork, your request will go to the bottom of the stack, and it could be weeks or even months before you get notification about the missing items. Naturally, the negotiation won’t start until the bank has everything it wants.

Over the past several years,we’ve had a 98% success rate in selling and closing the San Diego short sales we list. One reason for that success is that we’ve taken the time to learn what each of the major banks wants in the initial short sale request package. We make sure it’s all there, with the pages arranged in the specified order. In other words, we set the stage for success with the initial contact.

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