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Is a San Diego short sale right for you?

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Facts to Consider in decision making…

When should I consider a San Diego short sale? Is now the time?

Underwater and unable to make payments: What Are The Alternatives to Foreclosure?

What about signing a deed-in-lieu? Is it safer than a foreclosure?

Not sure if you qualify for a San Diego Short Sale? These hardships and others will help you qualify.

Want the bank to agree to the short sale of your San Diego home? You’ll probably need to stop making payments.

In a San Diego short sale,
do I have to know who owns my mortgage loan?

I’ve stopped making payments.
Do I have time to short sell before foreclosure?

A serious financial decision:
Should You Keep Making Payments on an Underwater San Diego Home?

Take some advice from financial gurus: See What Dave and Suze Have to Say About San Diego Short Sales

What About Strategic Default? Is it a safe alternative?

When you’re depressed and discouraged…Is it possible to just walk away?

Am I stuck with foreclosure, or can I Short Sale my Vacation Home or Second Home?

Divorce what to do with the house?


Facts to Consider Before Choosing A San Diego Short Sale Listing Agent

You need a listing agent who stays on top of your transaction: The Value of Persistence in a San Diego Short Sale

You need a knowledgeable agent, because …
In San Diego Short Sales, Knowledge is Power

You need an experienced agent, because
San Diego Short Sale Success is Often Determined by the Initial Application

There is a very good reason…Why Over 40% of California Short Sales Fail to Close

Successful short sale listing agents must possess extra skills.
Does your short sale real estate agent know how to prepare a HUD-1?

Your listing agent needs a reputation for getting short sales closed, because otherwise Some Agents Won’t Show Short Your Sale Listing


The Most Common Short Sale Questions and Concerns

I’m the executor of an estate. Can I short sale the house while it’s still in probate?

The answer to this depends a lot on your agent: How long does a short sale take?

Help! I don’t have the money for my San Diego property taxes! Why you don’t need to worry.

I’d rather not move, so Can I buy back the house I’m short selling?

Who decides which short sale offer to accept? The Homeowner.

My second mortgage is a home equity line of credit. Can I still sell short?

I’m underwater on my San Diego vacation home. Is it possible to Short Sell a second home?

Don’t pay an agent to list your short sale, because It should cost nothing to list your San Diego home as a short sale.

It also costs you nothing to SELL your home as a short sale: How do you get paid when you represent me in a San Diego short sale?

How a San Diego Short Sale Will Affect Your Credit and Your Future Plans

A little-known danger in allowing foreclosure: The Zombie Foreclosure Nightmare

How You Can Own Another Home After a San Diego Short SaleTake these steps to assure your success.

How long will I have to wait to buy another home after a San Diego short sale? Here’s what determines your wait time.

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure – How Each Will Affect Your Ability to Buy Another Home

Protect your credit and your future: Don’t use your Visa to make your San Diego home mortgage payment!

Yes, a short sale will affect your credit.
Here are the issues you’ll face.


Short Sales and Your Taxes

What possible tax issues might I have with a short sale?
An overview of IRS regulations.

Short Selling a Second Home?Talk with your tax adviser.

If I short sell my home, will I have to pay the past due property taxes?

If I don’t have to pay income tax on my forgiven mortgage debt, why did I get a 1099 form?


What is an upside down mortgage?

What is a Deed in Lieu?

What is forbearance?

What are recourse loans?

What are deficiency judgments?

Forensic Loan Audits – Do You Need One?

What is loan modification, and should I attempt it?


About Loan Modifications

HAMP Loan Modifications – a promise broken. Lack of servicer compliance and lack of enforcement have turned HAMP modifications into a nightmare ending in foreclosure for thousands of homeowners.

Loan Modifications – the first step breaks hearts. What’s the sad first step toward loan modification? Find out here.

Do they care? Bank Says “Too bad” about failed Loan Modifications

Failed loan modifications – 3 stories and a warning

Beware of Loan Modification Scamsdon’t give your money to these people

The Problem With Banks

A Zombie Foreclosure could keep you in limbo for years. See how banks are preventing homeowners from moving on.

Bank employees follow written guidelines, so… For Bank’s Short Sale Negotiators, Common Sense is not a requirement

Why are banks so often uncooperative? Are the Banks Negligent, Indifferent, or Inefficient?

Every short sale is different – because every homeowner’s situation is different.


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