The Value of Persistence in a San Diego Short Sale

Robert Ringer, former real estate agent and best-selling author of “To Be Or Not To Be Intimidated,” and “Looking Out for #1,” writes a lot about success. One of his consistent themes is the necessity for persistence.

In one book he tells the story of dealing with call centers. In one instance he wanted to change his account information with a phone company. The representative told him he’d need to print a form, sign it in front of a notary, and mail it in.

But he didn’t want to go through all that, so he hung up and re-dialed. The next representative changed the information in the company computer system and he was done.

Another time he wanted to buy a product in bulk for a certain price. The representative said no, that couldn’t be done. So, once again he hung up and re-dialed.

The next person he talked to agreed to sell him the product in bulk for the price he wanted. He got what he wanted a lot faster and easier than if he had spent time arguing with the first person.

So what does succeeding with call centers have to do with closing San Diego short sales? Both require persistence.

Negotiating the successful short sale of any home begins with having the expertise to properly prepare both the paperwork and the argument in favor of the short sale. It requires having the facts to back the argument, and the persistence to make sure those facts are heard and understood. If the first person we talk with isn’t willing to listen or cooperate, we ask someone else.

Success also requires unrelenting follow-up, so that our clients’ files don’t get shoved aside or forgotten. This persistence increases our odds of success – and it’s a procedure that inexperienced agents don’t even realize they need to use.

When we list your San Diego area house as a short sale, our goal is to help you wipe out the upside down debt and remove the threat of foreclosure. We also want to keep you in a position to get a new mortgage loan in two years rather than the 7 to 8 years you’ll have to wait if your home goes to foreclosure.

Success in those goals requires the kind of persistence that refuses to take no for an answer. And that’s just the kind of persistence that we’ll use on your behalf.

If you are considering the short sale of a home in Carlsbad, Coronado, La Jolla, Rancho Bernardo, North County, Del Mar, Mission Hills, Kensington, or Metro San Diego, call the team that doesn’t give up.

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