Want the bank to agree to a short sale of your home? You’ll probably need to stop making payments.

San Diego homeowners who have been trying to preserve their credit rating but need to short sell are often dismayed to learn that they’ll probably need to stop making their mortgage payments in order to be considered for a short sale.

This is because the bank wants to see that continuing to make payments is a hardship. If you continue to make payments, no matter how far you’re going into debt to do so, they can’t see the hardship.

Once you stop making payments, you’ll get the attention of the analysts, negotiators and investors at your lending institution(s).

However, this is not the end of the world. If your other payments are up to date and you manage your money carefully, your credit scores will begin to improve as soon as the short sale of your home is final. In as little as 2 years you could be eligible for another home mortgage.

The thing to remember is:Every short sale situation is different. If you’d like specific answers that relate to your situation,call 619-929-1413 or write td@tomdunlap.com to ask questions and get answers that relate to your specific situation.

You may even be able to get the short sale of your home approved with all payments current. This largely depends on your lender and how much weight they give to short sale hardship letters. Each asset manager and each homeowner’s situation is different.

If you need help figuring out if you should stop paying your mortgage so you can do a short sale in San Diego, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve studied each bank’s guidelines, know what carries weight for them in short sale hardship letters, and have developed a working relationship with most bank negotiators – so we can guide you in making that decision.

If you’d like to talk it over, call 619-929-1413 or write td@tomdunlap.com.

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