What is a Deed in Lieu?

A Deed In Lieu is just that: a deed back to the bank in lieu of foreclosure.

You are simply calling the bank to say you are done and they can come get the keys to your San Diego home.

If you have one loan, you will probably be allowed to sign a deed-in-lieu. If you have two loans, this is usually not an option. Oddly, while you’d think they’d welcome the opportunity to avoid the costs of a foreclosure, most banks require homeowners to submit an application to be approved for a deed-in-lieu transaction.

But why do it?

From a credit standpoint, this could be one of the worst choices anyone might make, because it has the same effect on your credit scores as a foreclosure. And, as with a foreclosure, if your San Diego home has a HELOC or second mortgage, you could be held liable for a deficiency.

The difference is that you’ll have to move right away rather than wait for the bank to complete their months of paperwork. Thus, if you’ve chosen not to attempt the short sale of your home and are willing to bear the damage to your credit rating, why not stay in the house and save your money?

Waiting for the foreclosure and saving your money would help you pay off other obligations and have money on hand for the deposit and first months’ rent when you do have to move.

Of course, selling on a short sale is preferable if you’re trying to lessen the damage to your credit. Another of the benefits of a short sale vs a foreclosure or deed-in-lieu is that you’ll be eligible for a new home mortgage 2 to 4 years sooner.

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