What is TIC (Tenants-in-Common) Ownership and Why Should You Consider It?

TIC ownership is a form of real estate investment in which two or more people have a fractional interest in an asset. Ownership shares are not necessarily equal, and ownership interests can be sold or inherited.

Each owner receives an individual deed for his or her undivided percentage interest in the entire property. You, as an investor, could own 99% or you could own 1%. Under IRS Revenue Procedure 2002-22, up to 34 other investors could share ownership with you. (35 total)

Why is this beneficial to San Diego Real Estate Investors?

TIC ownership allows individual San Diego investors to hold an interest in institutional-type property while remaining free of the burden of management.

Such properties attract high quality tenants and are professionally managed and maintained. Rental income is generally reliable.

Low minimum investment and exact dollar matching…

IRS Revenue Procedure 2002-22 allows for a minimum investment of as little as $150,000 – and investments don’t have to be in exact multiples of the minimum. For instance, if the sale of your investment property netted $157,252 you could roll that entire balance into a TIC investment with a $150,000 minimum.

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