Why Do I Need My Own Agent?

What are the advantages to having your own agent over working with the seller’s agent as you search for your San Diego home?


Finding your new San Diego home:

  • Your agent will search the entire marketplace for homes that fit your wants and needs. Because your agent will have seen many of the homes in person and will have access to detailed Multiple Listing information, he or she will be able to narrow the search, saving you time.
  • Without your own agent, you’ll be following ads for homes that may or may not suit you. Then you’ll be shown the homes by seller’s agents who will naturally attempt to keep you focused on their own listings. Given the fact that major real estate portals are now allowing postings from non-agents, you may also be following ads for homes that have already been sold.
  • Your agent will schedule the showings, setting appointments that will allow you to see 2 or more homes on the same day.
  • Without an agent working on your behalf, you’ll be setting individual appointments that may or may not coordinate to let you see more than one home on a given day.
  • If “your home” is not among those currently on the market, your agent will keep you informed of all new listings that meet your requirements. You won’t miss the home you want because you didn’t happen to catch the ad in time.


  • Your agent will be working for you – keeping your personal information confidential and not revealing anything that would weaken your negotiating position.
  • The listing agent works for the seller, and is legally bound to share anything you say with the seller.

Presenting an offer…

  • Your agent will help you determine the fair market value of any home you’re interested in. He or she will then assist you in presenting a fair and reasonable offer.
  • The listing agent will always suggest a full price (or higher) offer.


  • Your agent will negotiate on your behalf – helping you obtain the best price and terms for your new San Diego home.
  • The listing agent will convey your offer to the seller, but will negotiate with you on behalf of the seller.

Ongoing support…

Once you’ve gotten an offer accepted, your agent will assist you with setting up inspections, and will once again negotiate on your behalf if inspection results make it necessary.

To sum it up, when you have your own agent you have an experienced real estate professional on your team – working for you and you alone from the first showing through the closing.

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