Home Buyer

Is now the time for you to become a San Diego homeowner?

If your answer to these 3 questions is yes, then yes, it is:

  • Do I plan to stay in the San Diego area for the foreseeable future?
  • Have I found a home I love at a price that fits comfortably within my budget?
  • Do I really want to be a homeowner?

Let’s look at these questions one at a time:

Are you planning to stay in San Diego?

Even in a market where home prices are rising steadily, it’s best to remain a renter if you plan to move within 2 or 3 years. Selling a home does come with associated costs, and ties up funds that you might need for the move.

Have you found a home you love at a price that fits within your budget?

As far too many have learned, buying a home that stretches your resources is not a good idea. Neither is buying with an adjustable rate mortgage when you can only afford the payment at the introductory interest rate.

When your lender tells you what you can afford as a monthly payment, he or she doesn’t know about your hobbies and the other ways you like to spend your money. If you have to give up something like weekly concerts, Friday night dinners at 4-Star restaurants, or an annual trip abroad, you’ll soon resent that house.

Saving the buyer from disaster…
Tom Dunlap helped me buy this home in 2006 at the height of the home prices. His advice was sincere and honest and he guided me to exactly the perfect house. I was pre-approved for more money and if he had not been so honest, I would have been underwater.


On the other hand… when you lock into a fixed rate mortgage at a payment that comfortably fits your budget today, you’re assured that your home will become even more affordable as time passes and your income increases.

Do consider: Rents, unlike fixed mortgage payments, will continue to rise.

Do I want to be a San Diego homeowner?

While we all enjoy being master of our own space, some would prefer not to be responsible for home maintenance. Others, even while planning to remain in San Diego, enjoy moving to a new location every few years.

Renting is not without drawbacks

First there’s the insecurity.

Your rental payment could, and most likely will, increase. Any time the law of supply and demand indicates that tenants can and will pay more, landlords will increase the rent. It’s just good business.

And what if the landlord sells or is foreclosed on? What if the landlord decides that his or her children need that space more than you do? As long as you don’t own your home, someone else has control.

And then the lack of independence.

If you don’t enjoy having someone else tell you what you can or cannot do in your own home, you’re probably not too happy as a tenant.

There’s the other issue to consider: Home prices are rising and interest rates have already begun to inch upward.

Although interest rates are still low, we have no crystal ball to tell us how long they will remain low. 

Just a ½% increase in interest rates will significantly affect your buying power.

Is now the time for you to become a San Diego homeowner?

Only you know the answer. If the answer is yes, get in touch. We’ll be pleased to help you sort through the options to find the home that’s “just right” for you.

Then we’ll be at your side every step of the way – from presenting the offer and negotiating the price and terms – through the inspections and appraisal – all the way to closing and handing you the keys to your new San Diego home.

Buyer finally succeeds – with the Tom Dunlap at his side

I wanted to send a quick personal note thanking you for the mountains you moved on this transaction. I had been pursuing this unit for quite some time watching the progression to foreclosure on the tax roles, and made several unsuccessful attempts at purchasing the unit directly from the sellers. I recognize what you were able to accomplish was truly exceptional which resulted in a great deal on a great place for us, and a successful transaction for everyone involved. Thank you for all your effort and expertise. Best of luck with all your future transactions.

Jason Hopson (buyer)

Call on us to help you locate your new home anywhere in San Diego County.

You can reach us at td@tomdunlap.com or by calling 619-929-1413

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