Gas Lamp

Visit San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter

Another important historical district of San Diego, Gaslamp consists of only 16 blocks in the center of Downtown.

But don’t let the small geographical area fool you. Gaslamp, also known as “The Gaslamp Quarter,” is packed full with more than 140 restaurants and nightclubs. The variety of dining establishments reveals the international aspects of the city and reflects a global cuisine. As might be expected, this atmosphere draws a cosmopolitan populace.

In addition to dining and night life, Gaslamp boasts more than 80 boutiques, unique stores and small shops. And if that’s not enough, the larger shopping center of Horton Plaza is adjacent.

The name “Gaslamp” is a reference to the gas lamps that were common in San Diego when development began in the 1860’s. In homage to the past, gas lamps still illuminate the streets.

Architecture in Gaslamp reflects the sophistication of a period of Victorian-style development in San Diego. Real estate buyers who wish to reside here in the heart of the city can choose from apartments, condos, and luxury lofts. As in Little Italy, many offer breathtaking views of the bay. Prices begin in the 200’s and reach over one million.

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