Picturesque Spanish Revival homes, immaculately kept lawns, and palm trees line the streets of Kensington – many of which bear names with English origins.

The distinctly English street names probably originated with the sisters who owned the land when Kensington was founded in 1910. These were the Hall sisters, who were raised in an area of Massachusetts where both town and street names resembled English place names. The architectural style can likely be attributed to architects Cliff May and Richard Requa, who injected a Mediterranean influence. Nearly all of the homes built in Kensington from 1910 through the 1920’s were of the Craftsman or Spanish Revival style.

Since then, condos and apartment houses have been added to the mix, but Spanish Revival still dominates single family styling.

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Kensington is a “small town within the city” where it’s likely that you’ll get to know your neighbors. The 3-block long business district offers the essentials, including the coffee shop where neighbors exchange the news of the day.

In addition, this community does come together to celebrate. Along with neighborhood-wide parades and block parties for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, most streets have their own annual parties. And then there’s Christmas, when Kensington residents go all out with displays that attract visitors from all over San Diego.

The median sales price for homes in Kensington is rising steadily. Obviously, this peaceful pocket of tranquility within the hubbub of the inner city gives it a special appeal.

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