When You Need to Sell Real Estate in Probate, Trust, or an Estate, you need the services of an experienced professional

Added Degree of Professionalism…
In addition to knowing the Southern California market and knowing how to successfully market a home, negotiate with buyers, and manage the details that lead to closing, the agent handling a home in probate or trust must have the skill and knowledge to correctly deal with the legalities of the probate process.

A former attorney himself, Tom Dunlap has the knowledge and the experience to guide you from a listing to a successfully completed sale.

Cooperative Effort…
Effectively managing California Probate and Trust processes calls for a team effort. Tom Dunlap works closely with attorneys, probate and trust officials, and other professionals in a coordinated manner to save their clients time, headaches, and money.

In addition, Tom is skilled at proactively managing expectations and helping buyers’ agents understand how to present offers that can be accepted by an executor or trustee. He is also adept at helping sellers craft counter offers that will keep the transaction moving forward while meeting the court’s requirements.

Understanding, Flexibility, and Skill in Handling Relationships…
Tom Dunlap understands that the emotional, human side of a real estate transaction is often amplified when dealing with estate property. He brings a human approach to the human side of the equation.

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